Why is my bottle half empty?
All the products created by JaseVapes are produced as "short fill" allowing room to add nicotine to the product.

What is "short fill"?
A short fill eliquid product, is a juice that is advertised as a certain amount (in our case 50 ml) and sold in a bottle thats capacity is larger than the products quantity, thus allowing for the addition of nicotine should the user wish to add it.

How do i add nicotine to my eliquid?
At JaseVapes, all of our product is sold as 0 mg nicotine. For a user to smoke on of the JaseVapes eliquids, they can purchase a nicotine booster from our website. Simply remove the top from you eliquid and apply the entire bottle of nicotine to the JaseVapes bottle, to give you a 60 ml juice at 3 mg nicotine strength.
If the user wishes to have more or less nicotine, adjust accordingly.

Why does my eliquid have a harsh taste after adding nicotine to it?
As JaseVapes does not supply eliquids with nicotine steep within the liquid, it is possible that some users may experience harsh tasting nicotine with there juice. Solving this is simple, after adding the nicotine and shaking rigorously, simply remove the spout once again and leave the juice open over night. You should notice the effects the next day, if the product is still too harsh for your liking, give it a shake and repeat the process over night once again. You will soon be smoking a smooth vape!